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LS Tractors R Series 4WD Compact Tractors

For you, the list of work to accomplish is long and seemingly never ending. And that's just the way you like it. You use your tractor a lot and change the implements you use frequently. With as much time as you spend on your tractor, you need a tractor that provides maximum functionality, ease of use and comfort for medium to heavy-duty tasks.

We designed our versatile R-Series premium compact tractors just for you. These fully featured medium to heavy duty compact tractors deliver superior performance so you can work more efficiently and they are priced about the same as competitive stripped down base models. This means you get a lot more tractor for the money with the R-Series and you can rest easy after a hard day's work because they are backed with our 5-year limited warranty.

R-Series premium compact tractors are ideally suited for use on land up to 30 acres, for orchards and vineyards, as well as on horse farms and small ranches. Make short work of mowing brush by using rotary cutters (up to 7 ft.), smooth and contour land with 6 ft. box blades and prepare your garden with 6 ft. tillers. These versatile compact tractors are up for any task whether you are clearing land or snow, raking or moving small bales of hay, or doing organic farming and gardening. You will appreciate how these high horsepower compact tractors are easy to trailer, making them perfect for municipal and commercial applications such as mowing, landscaping, homebuilding, plumbing and utility work.