Scott Truman - Columbus, OH

This is Scott Truman from Columbus, Ohio although you delivered my TYM 353 to New Martinsville, WV. First, on several occasions now I've been forced to contact Oscar because of tractor problems. The first problem was unrelated to the tractor, but Oscar still happily provided invaluable aid...thank you!!! The second time the front steering hydraulic pump apparently fractured internally. Once again, Oscar walked me through mechanically trouble shooting the problem to what I hope was as successful conclusion. My point of this is to let you know how reassuring it is to have someone like Oscar so available; that's reassuring when a tractor is purchased from out of state. Second, I love the 353 but am interested in moving up to a 50-60 horse power TYM. I will either do this by trading in my current TYM, or more likely just buy the second tractor. To that end, I would appreciate you providing me a price on the described horsepower TYM..with and without cab, but WITH a front end loader.