I appreciate you working with my schedule to get my new TYM T-700 delivered last Tuesday night.  Having been raised on "the major brands", I was fairly hesitant when I first came across TYM in my research.  I also expressed my concern to you about you being my nearest dealer at 200+ miles away.  However, you invited me down, drove me to Wilson to meet Andy and tour the TYM distribution center, put me in touch with the right people to answer my technical questions, and worked out an arrangement for servicing & warranty work with an affiliate of yours relatively close to me.  All in all, you exceeded what I would have expected from a dealer just 10 miles away from me!

I'm anxious to put the T-700 through its paces around my "major brand" community here, and it's already started drawing the neighbors in to check it out.  I'll definitely send any referrals your way.